EUCDW Open Presidium Meeting

On 21 – 22 October, more than 70 member parties and associations, represented by more than 1.000 delegates and guests, assembled in Madrid for the 2015 EPP Statutory Congress. The European Union of Christian Democratic Workers (EUCDW) was represented by a strong delegation of fifteen delegates and guests,  including EUCDW President Elmar Brok, Secretary-General Ivo Belet, Treasurer Ria Oomen-Ruijten, EUCDW Presidium Members and guests from the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA).


EUCDW Open Presidium

On the first day of the EPP Congress, the European Union of Christian Democratic Workers (EUCDW) hosted an open presidium meeting with the President of EZA, Bartho Pronk, and the acting Chair of the EPP Workers’ Group in the European Parliament, MEP Jeroen Lenaers. The discussion mainly revolved around the Congress resolution on

migration entitled Protecting Refugees — Securing the EU’s External Borders — Stepping Up Action Against Irregular Migration which argues for respect for the right to seek asylum for those in need of protection, while putting in place swift and effective return and readmission measures for those not  qualifying .


Congress Document and Resolutions adopted

The Congress itself was kicked off by a public session on the afternoon of 21 October with a series of panel debates on current EU topics, including one on How to build a more inclusive society in the 21st century with EUCDW President Elmar Brok. This was followed by the thematic discussion on the Congress document entitled Protecting the Union and Promoting our Values and the Congress resolutions on topics including migration, food security and climate change, and digital Europe. All resolutions were adopted by a large majority.

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Events in 2015

EUCDW Board Meeting


Third EUCDW Board Meeting of 2015.

EUCDW Presidium Meeting


EUCDW Presidium Meeting in preparation of the 2015 EPP Statutory Congress in Madrid, Spain.

EUCDW Board Meeting


Second EUCDW Board Meeting of 2015.

EUCDW Board Meeting


First EUCDW Board Meeting of 2015.